About Somoto



SOMOTO is a motorcycle company which focuses on designing and development classic concept.Although motorcycle has more than 100 years history,but now more and more motorcycle enthiusiasts advocate classic model,by driving these kinds of motorcycle to tap the charming of motorcycle traditional culture and driving fun of era of personalized,and for the birth of more and more motorcycle club.Cafe motorcycle、classic motorcycle becomes the net for motorcycle club to promote the feeling and enlarge personality.No matter in the traditional England、France、America、Australia or in the emerging Japan、Southeast Asia、South America,more and more people pursue Cafe and Classic.To ours sensation,some of motorcycle clubs even make some changeable by themselves,so that each rider has his own personality.



Classic Originates From Philosophy:


SOMOTO is not a brand with mass-production,his pursuit is classic, and wakes up the appeal of motorcycle culture to modern people.By modern motorcycle technology returns to the old days of motorcycle culture and personality.

 SOMOTO always puts himself in users’ position and creats product personality:fashion、practical,by using modern technology to show traditional personality,modifying to release more rich imagination.

 Try to meet users’various needs,in this market segment achieves professional market and enthusiasts’ pursuit.

 Somoto assures motorcycle quality,even in very small quantity,also meets the taste demands of users.



 Classic originates from Quality

Each product in Somoto makes a careful study with modern design technology and management tool to provide what the customer needs.


Clasic originates from sustained development.

SOMOTO team thinks that the life of Classic products is in the combination of tapping customers’ needs with modern technology.Therefore SOMOTO together with its OEM factory uses their techonology and professional to develop uses’ various needs and continually meet their demands around the world,promtoing the level of  proudct quality and allowing the users to feel the value of Somoto


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